Canadian Offshore Gambling

Without a doubt, gambling is among the most popular ventures the world over. It's estimated 1.6 billion folks actively indulge in gambling each year that's split between online and land-based casinos. Note that each country holds the authority to allow or prohibit any kind of gambling. In fact, 56 countries have forbidden some form of betting - when it comes to Canada, it's sort of a gray area.

However, remember that there are numerous Canadian offshore casinos where you can freely wager without getting into trouble with the federal government.

Canadian Gambling Overview

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Up until 4 decades ago, gambling was associated with organized crime. The federal government had to intervene to clean up the industry. Eventually, it began licensing land-based betting houses that transformed the business into what it is today.

With the regulation, the government permitted the local authorities to control various betting operations within their regions. While some provinces chose to ban gambling altogether, others including Quebec and Ontario were more than happy to issue their own permits. Furthermore, they even launched government-owned online casinos.

Note that real money wagering is lawful, but only at government-licensed gambling establishments. Acquiring an official permit to operate an online casino within Canada is quite hectic, which is why many brands choose the alternative - Canadian offshore servers.

What are the Canadian Offshore Casinos?

Put simply, these are game sites that are based in foreign countries. They are set up to avoid the hassle that comes with obtaining a provincial license. The vast majority of Canadian offshore servers are run from the United Kingdom or Gibraltar, The Isle of Man.

Since the Canadian law does not apply in such cases, you can comfortably place bets at any reputable offshore operator and withdraw your tax-free winnings.

Kahnawake Mohawk Territory Loophole   online casino/s  canada

Operators who wish to set up shop within Canadian borders get licenses from Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which is located in the Indian reserve of Kahnawake. Even though this is situated in Quebec, it's regarded sovereign land, meaning it is not subject to Canadian laws.

As such, by having a license from Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Canadian offshore casinos are able to operate legally - properties, monies and servers of a betting house are protected. You'll find that most European and American based online websites targeting players from Canada get a license from this particular body.

The Gambling Age in Canada

The age at which you're allowed to engage in any form of gambling varies from one territory to the other. If you live in Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, you'll need to be at least 18 years old, while players from the other provinces have to be 19 years or older. Canadian offshore and provincial game sites try their best to regulate underage persons and impose stringent measures to ensure that all their customers have attained the legal age. Keep in mind that no site will pay out any winnings to underage persons whatsoever.

With laws that permit both online and offline gaming, you'll find numerous casinos that accept Canadian customers. As a result, the industry is set to continue flourishing.